8-Count Sheets

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    1)Create an account/Login to your account

    -In the top right corner, there’s an option to “create an account”. Simply type in an email address, a password, and confirm the password.

    -This login will allow you to access your sheets at any time to revisit them, edit them, and/or resubmit them!

    2)Before you do anything else, REFRESH THE PAGE. EVERY TIME! Make sure that at the very bottom of the page, you see both the “save draft” button and the “submit” button. This is very very important!!

    3)Fill out your sheets

    -Start with the Team Information boxes. Please make sure you fill out all of them accurately to help your producer know who they’re dealing with!

    -On the left side of the sheets, there is a drop-down tab to indicate what routine section is going on in each eight count. You only need to indicate when a new section is beginning.

    -At the bottom of the sheets is the “information” box. This is where you’ll put your theme ideas, voiceover ideas, specific team information, song choices, and any other information you want to provide to make your mix unique!

    4)Submit your sheets!

    -Just click “submit” to send your sheets to your producer! You will have the option to download a PDF of your sheets at that time.

    *** If you need to save a draft of your sheets, click “save draft”, and that draft will be saved in the saved submissions drop-down on the top left of the screen.

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